Busua Bliss: a sustainable home for creatives. To reload and play.

Busua Bliss is probably one of Matt’s most challenging projects. It is a 1 story building, (hand)made out of wood, at a 5 minute walk from the village Busua, Ghana. During the construction of this creative retreat, Matt put sustainability as priority to stay in tune with the beautiful surroundings of Busua. The house aims to have a low impact on nature, so energy comes from solar energy. Water comes from rain. 


The house can be rented entirely or by floor. On every floor you’ll find a queen size bed. 

The minimum period to rent is a week, but be assured that you’ll want to stay longer.


Upon your arrival, Danny will walk you through. The bottom floor of the house is forest, because you feel literally like you are bathing in the green. 

Top floor has a canopy. The panoramic views over the green and the frontal ocean and village view from the terrace, will make you stay for ever.


There is also an option for a local person to sleep in the house so you can slowly appreciate the beautiful surroundings and the calmness. 


Bookings are open to anyone who wants to create. Whether that be music, writing, visual art, theater, surfing… this creative retreat is your place to be.

Why Busua?

Through his work for KAPOW, Matt helped manage the music career of Kwame MULZz: an artist, producer and social worker from Ghana, living in Ghent, Belgium. Always hungry for new experiences, Matt didn’t hesitate when he got invited to visit Kwame’s homeland Ghana. To promote his music, but also to get to know his family. At some point Kwame told Matt there is a surf village called Busua. The perfect place to reload and play. Naturally, he had to go and check it out.


The culture, nature, surf, food and above all: the people of Busua, inspired Matt to start maybe his most epic project so far. After creating all kinds of playgrounds across the world, he thought it was time to build one for himself. With the intention of creating a home for his future, he met up with Tarra Architect’s office from Ghent, Belgium and a team of local craftsmen to start working on the blueprints. 


The concept slowly got its shape and ‘Busua Bliss’ was born. Using only natural materials and pure manpower, Matt tries to stay in tune with the beautiful surroundings of Busua. 


However, this wouldn’t be a Mistah Matt project if he didn’t want to involve creative talents. 


Although the house is intentionally built for Matt to maybe go live there one day, he first wants to share the experience with fellow creatives. 

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