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Mistah Matt has been running this temporary filling in Ghent since 2014. 

KAPOW originated as an organic playground for those who create and those who enjoy creativity.

It serves as a station where talent, ideas and projects arrive and depart back on their own journeys.

Over the years, Matthias has had to pave his own way to shape his ideas into reality. Like no other, he knows how difficult that road can be for some people. But creativity should never be a privilege. 


Through KAPOW, Mistah Matt provides a safe space for creatives from every corner. Wether it be art, music, surf or skate. 

With projects like Surfbaar, Beastig, art expositions, skate camps… KAPOW offers the sources and environment for people to push their creativity to the next level. 


To efficiently do so, Matthias works together with the city of Ghent to empower the youth through four specific pillars:

“KAPOW is your best entry into Ghent’s street art universe. They spray, skate, throw concerts, light campfires and load surfboards into their van whenever the waves are good.” 

-Visit Ghent

KAPOW is open at least one day a week. 

Our urban playground is open to anyone on every Saturday, from 14h-18h. You can come by for skate, drinks, music and inspiring chats. 

Put together a skate team.

Follow or amazing young & diverse skate team on the website or on Instagram: @kapow.skate 

Provide residency to an artist.

Art collective ‘Skeerleef’ stayed at KAPOW during last year’s summer. Bringing events, art projects and good vibes. In our residency program our focus will be on music.

Organise art expositions.

We love to organise an art show with artists who have strong links to public art.


Catch some vibes with our latest artist; Lobster Robin transformed KAPOW with his show 'Seek & Find' .

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