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Matthias Hoogewys, aka Mistah Matt is the manager of atmospheres for the multidisciplinary organization KAPOW. Last summer he founded his own company: Mistah Matt.

As creator of playgrounds, he wants to offer his 20-year expertise, attitude, network and approach professionally for those who want to push their talents and creativity to the next level.


Mistah Matt is an ambassador of youth. 

He puts a lot of focus on capacity building of young talents, and does so by balancing on the intersection of art and social engagement.

Matthias was born and raised at the Belgian coast.

As a kid, Matthias always thought he would become a pro football player. That is until he had his first encounter with a skater at 13 years old. He was immediately sold and his big dream shifted.


At 17 he started organising his first skate events. A collection of his vision on what’s cool and inspiring in the skate-scene. 


After graduating high school he studied physical education in Gent. He loved all the movements but wanted to move even more. So he did an extra year called ‘sustainable development’ to understand the world more. Inspired by the NGO Skateistan who run skate & create programs with youngsters he chose to do a similar project in Huanchaco Peru. 


Once back in Belgium and full of energy and ideas he started organising skate festivals in Gent. The festivals grew into a collective of creatives who did local projects but also abroad. In 2014 he got the opportunity to run his own independent space in Gent. With that an official organisation was born.


Since 2021 Matt is part time on the payroll paid by the youth department of Gent to promote and nurture young talents. 


Matt promotes wellness, equality and creative expression through his projects.

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“Skateboarding changed my life twenty five years ago. And it still does today. 'No boundaries', on and off my board. From crazy idea to realisation, from Belgium to the rest of the world!”

- Mistah Matt

DSC_5051 2.JPG

'Dit is heus geen mannenwereld': jonge waaghalzen leren de kneepjes van de kickflip

- De Morgen

Mistah Matt in action through the lens of his latest intern Emma - Emelie.

StuBru called up Mistah Matt to see if skaters in Ghent are being chased out of town.

Mistah Matt and his skate buddies show a whole week in Iedereen Beroemd why Ghent is a true skate paradise!


In het skatepark van Koksijde verloopt de integratie van jonge vluchtelingen op wieltjes

- De Morgen

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