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Next to KAPOW and Busua, Matt is always looking to expand the borders of his projects.

From the Philippines to Congo, Peru to Greece. Mistah Matt has represented his place in the creative scene all across the world. 


Matt is very aware of his opportunities due to white privilege, and wants to raise his voice for those that aren’t being heard. 

He wants to use his privilege to provide residency to local artists he meets across the world, and invite them to reside in Belgium. 


Soika is a street artist from the Philippines who got invited by Mistah Matt during the Sorry Not Sorry street art festival in Ghent. 


Colombian artist Gleo came to Ghent in 2016 at the invitation of Mistah Matt. In addition to an impressive exhibition at KAPOW, she also created an amazing mural right before going back to Colombia.

During the ‘Genste Feesten’, KAPOW organises their own sub-festival. In 2017, Ewing Sima got invited to be the guest host.

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